Scaffolding Erectors in Abingdon | Common Projects That Require High-Quality Scaffolding

Scaffolding is important for the safety of construction workers, roofing contractors and pedestrians at ground level. When assembled by a trusted team of scaffolding erectors, these structures create reliable platforms which allow tradesmen to take on a variety of tasks – and all without the risk of collapse or injury. Serving Abingdon and the surrounding locations, we remain one of the trusted scaffolding companies in the local area and can assist with anything from temporary roofs to access towers.

Below we outline just a few of the projects that may demand secure scaffolding. If you need assistance with any of the following, or to discuss your needs in detail, then please contact our scaffolding contractors at your convenience.

Painting and Decorating

Depending on the scope of the work involved, painters and decorators may need more than just a ladder to remain safe and secure. To do their jobs properly, painters and decorators may require scaffolding on which to rest their tools, move around, and to access parts of the property which would otherwise prove too difficult to reach.

Just like all great scaffolding companies serving the Abingdon area, our scaffolding erectors comply with the Work at Height Regulations 2005 and TG20:13. In this way, we support painters, decorators and home improvement companies to provide safe working conditions.

Window Cleaning

Once again, cleaners will need more than just a ladder to take on multi-storey contracts. With firm structures created by our scaffolding contractors, professional window cleaners can get to work for sparkling results regardless of the height of the property. From birdcage scaffolds to temporary roofs, our scaffolding contractors treat all tasks with the utmost respect.

Because of our reputation for customer service and attention to detail, we continue to assist window cleaners and construction firms across the Abingdon region. This allows our clients to continue to work even in cases of high winds and rainy conditions.

Roofing and Building Repairs

Roof and property repairs may prove hazardous for the unprepared, with a risk of bodily harm should an accident occur. Access towers can help busy construction companies to perform at peak levels, while temporary roofs keep properties safe from the elements until final delivery. Here at PTG, we believe that scaffolding companies serving the Abingdon area have a duty to tailor their approach to the client, and will listen to your expectations from the initial point of contact.

Our scaffolding erectors have a passion for the industry and integrate robust safety measures for your unrivalled peace of mind.

Home Improvement Projects

Scaffolding enables the prompt development of single and multi-storey extensions – providing a level surface for bricklayers, window installers, roofers and more. Some of the work may be finished from inside the property, but for rooflight installation and structural alterations, these structures perform a critical role.

Known as one of the most dedicated scaffolding companies in the region, PTG Scaffolding operates to the finest standards. We help local tradespeople to operate with the utmost safety and come fully trained to CITB, SMSTS and PASMA standards. We can also create temporary roofs for a protected home or commercial premises.

If you have an upcoming loft conversion, house extension or refurbishment project in the Abingdon region, then our scaffolding contractors will be thrilled to assist. We strive to deliver the best solution available on time, to the budget agreed and with the courtesy you expect from a highly professional team.

For more information, please call PTG Scaffolding on either 01189 811 418 or 07557 911 160 Our scaffolding erectors assist clients in Abingdon and the surrounding regions