Scaffolding Contractors in Bracknell | Erectors Offering Short- and Long-Term Hire

PTG Scaffolding can provide scaffold structures and temporary roofs on either a short-term or long-term basis to suit your needs. Like all the best scaffolding companies, we are completely adaptable to your requirements. Below, our scaffolding erectors explain which hire option is most suited to different situations. For personalised advice and scaffold services, please get in touch.

Our scaffolding contractors cover Bracknell and all the surrounding areas, including locations across Hampshire and Berkshire. You can see examples of our structures in our gallery.


Short-Term Scaffold Hire

Short hire periods are ideal for projects that take anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks to complete. This covers most domestic property maintenance and improvement jobs, such as minor repairs, renovations and upgrades. Many commercial tasks also fall into this timeframe.

It is a common misconception that scaffold hire is not worth it for quick projects. However, scaffolding companies provide increased safety, ease of access and productivity through scaffolds, no matter the size of the job. As such, short-term scaffold hire is worth it if you want to keep everyone safe and complete work to the highest standard in the shortest timeframe.

Long-Term Scaffold Hire

As customer-focused scaffolding erectors, we also provide scaffolds and temporary roofs for projects in the Bracknell area with longer timeframes. Our long-term hire options are perfect for domestic and commercial projects lasting from a few months to years.

Examples of long-term projects our scaffolding contractors assist with include:

  • Self-Builds and Housing Developments

  • Retail and Leisure Developments

  • Civil Construction

  • Extensive Renovations and Restorations

Any type of construction, maintenance or renovation project can benefit from our services.

Types of Scaffolding

We can provide any type of scaffold for both short- and long-term use. Like all reputable scaffolding companies, we carry out site surveys and risk assessments to determine the right kind of scaffold for your project and site.

Our scaffolding erectors in Bracknell are skilled at assembling all of the following:

  • Birdcage Scaffolds

  • Tower Scaffolds

  • Hanging Scaffolds

  • Chimney Scaffolds

  • Independent Scaffolds

  • Temporary Roofs

We also offer a range of safety accessories which our scaffolding contractors fit when erecting the scaffold structure. These include safety nets, edge protection and rubbish chutes.

Our services include regular inspections to ensure scaffolds remain safe and fit for purpose. Inspections are typically every 7 days and following any periods of adverse weather.

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