Scaffolding Companies in Didcot | A Look at Scaffolding Inspections

Although it often goes unnoticed, scaffolding plays a major role in the safety of construction projects, renovation work, decorating and repairs across Didcot. With the hazards that naturally come from working at height, it’s important that temporary structures provide security and strength in equal measure – even in the most troublesome weather conditions. For this reason, scaffolding companies perform periodic inspections, taking care to ensure the safety of the workmen as well as the public at ground level.

Serving Didcot and the surrounding areas, our scaffolding contractors have a reputation for exceptional customer service and working within HSE guidelines. As experienced scaffolding erectors, we can assemble the access towers, temporary roofs and independent scaffolds you require at a competitive cost.

Below, we provide a brief overview of scaffolding inspections. Should you wish to learn more or hire our scaffolding contractors for a unique project in the Didcot area, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

How Often Should Inspections Be Performed?

To comply with the Work at Height Regulations 2005, scaffolding erectors should inspect their structures before use. This ensures the scaffold is suitable for the upcoming work, enabling the project to begin without the risk of an incident. Inspections should then take place once a week at a minimum or after a bout of stormy weather which may have damaged the structure in unforeseen ways.

After these inspections, a report will be written; this confirms the name and title of the inspector, the date and time of the inspection, and a record of any potential problems identified. It will also include a note of any work required to fix this damage for further use.

Our scaffolding contractors can perform the in-depth inspections our clients need to comply with strict health and safety legislation. This makes us one of the trusted scaffolding companies in the Didcot region, and our team works diligently on temporary roofs for both domestic and commercial developments.

Who Is Responsible for Scaffolding Inspections?

Those hiring the scaffolds have a responsibility by law to make sure these inspections are carried out. Although most scaffolding companies in the Didcot area will inspect the scaffolds and temporary roofs they provide, it’s a great idea to ask during your initial enquiry. With more than 20 years of industry experience, our scaffolding erectors prove the ideal choice for this inspection process.

Our team of scaffolding contractors are fully insured up to £10 million, adhere to TG20:30 standards and hold CISRS cards as a sign of their skills. We pride ourselves on tailoring our approach to client needs and are delighted to supply commercial scaffolding to companies throughout the Didcot area.

If you have questions regarding the inspection process, temporary roofs, or are eager to find out more, then our scaffolding erectors will be thrilled to take your call.

For more information on scaffolding inspections, please call 01189 811 418 or 07557 911 160. We remain one of the trusted scaffolding companies in the Didcot area.