Scaffolding in Guildford | Considerations Our Contractors Make for Each Scaffold

If you plan to use a scaffold for your project, it is crucial to have the right solution for the job. Using an unsuitable scaffold puts everyone on and around the structure at risk. It will also negatively affect work efficiency. To ensure you get a safe, functional access solution, our scaffolding contractors consider a variety of factors, such as site conditions and required height. As one of the leading scaffolding companies in Guildford and the surrounding areas, both domestic and commercial clients rely on us for quality scaffolds and temporary roofs.

Below are the main points our scaffolding erectors consider in order to give you the best scaffold services for your project:


Ground Conditions

It is important to assess the ground where the scaffold will go. If the ground is stable and level, a supported scaffold structure is the ideal choice. Where conditions are not suitable for a supported scaffold, a suspended scaffold is the safer option.

Construction/Project Needs

Our scaffolding contractors will discuss the requirements of your project in Guildford, Windsor or the surrounding areas to assess the type of scaffold you need. For example, if you need access to complete a quick, simple task, a basic scaffold tower may be the most effective option. However, you may require a more complex and long-term solution.

Things we look at include the type of work you plan to undertake, the scope of your project and the size of the scaffold required. We also identify the need for temporary roofs to protect workers and properties in adverse weather.


As one of the safety-conscious scaffolding companies in the Guildford area, PTG Scaffolding Ltd makes sure you have all the features necessary to maximise safety on your site. We work with you to assess the best options for your site and workforce. Our scaffolding erectors will then install safety features when assembling the scaffold.

Among other things, this can include:

  • Guardrails

  • Handrails

  • Toe Boards

  • Slip-Resistant Platforms


Your scaffold needs to be high enough for personnel to comfortably reach the work area without overstretching. However, it is easy to underestimate the height you need. Because scaffold units come with height restrictions, it is important to accurately assess the required height to get the right structure.

As experienced scaffolding contractors, we make sure you get the most appropriate scaffold the first time, every time. Whether you need a scaffold for a bungalow or high-rise building, our scaffolding erectors deliver expert installations to meet your precise needs. As one of the Guildford area’s premier scaffolding companies, we also provide temporary roofs in any height you require.

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