Scaffolding Companies in Hampshire | Upcycling and Alternative Uses for Old Scaffolding 

Upcycling old scaffolding materials? Here at PTG Scaffolding, we have a few things to say about the ways in which scaffolding plays a necessary part of building services, be it temporary roofs, new builds, preserving historic buildings, renovating or more. It enables our professional scaffolding erectors to work at height safely. And most scaffolding companies would agree that the historic implementation of scaffolding is one that has lasted through the centuries, because no better method for building and constructing at height has been found. But have you ever considered some unusual and alternative uses old scaffolding materials offer? On this page, discover some innovative uses our scaffolding contractors have listed for you. 

If you have any creative ideas for repurposing old scaffold materials or wish to enquire about any of our services on offer to you in Hampshire and the surrounding areas, please contact us today. For now, explore what more scaffolding could do aside from its essential business of enabling construction and renovation works to go ahead.  


Scaffolds | Alternative Uses

Upcycling old materials and repurposing them into unique furniture and household items has seen a dramatic increase in recent years with the rise of environmentally conscious homeowners. Many scaffolding companies out there might never have thought about the alternative ways you can use leftover scaffolding which becomes deemed no longer as fit for purpose. But as for our environmentally conscious and creative scaffolding contractors here in Hampshire, we think differently, and have thus compiled the list of fun, alternative, upcycling uses below:

  • Rustic Scaffolding Board Book Shelf

  • Scaffolding Dining Table

  • Long Banquet Table

  • Picnic Bench

  • Kitchen Island Bar

  • Bar Stools

  • Scaffolding Bed Frame

  • Pet Food Bowl or Tray

  • A Jungle Gym

  • Artist Canvas Wood

  • Art Sculpture

  • Scaffolding Board Planter

  • Giant Jenga Set

  • Home Office Desk

As you can see, other than facilitating our scaffolding erectors to work safely at height when constructing your temporary roofs or property renovations, there are some fun and eco-friendly uses Hampshire homeowners could consider when deciding on materials for their home improvements. Upcycling out-of-use construction materials or household resources that no longer shine in their original forms could be upcycled into something exciting and new. This alone can refresh any home in need of some interior rejuvenation.

Consider Upcycling with Scaffolds

As scaffolding companies regularly inspect their scaffolds before every use, and consider the ones they discard as no longer suitable, they could be exploring the ideas we have provided on this page as some exciting alternative uses. 

It’s important that we in our communities do everything to try to reduce our waste here and there. When it comes to left over scaffolding that is no longer fit for its original building site purposes, our scaffolding contractors know there are many creatively effective and alternate ways of using it, which helps other scaffolding erectors and property owners avoid unnecessary waste here in Hampshire and the surrounding areas. 

Next time you see our scaffolders taking on projects such as temporary roofs or house renovation work, just take a look at the scaffolding in use and see if you can’t think if a rustic, aesthetically pleasing alternative use for it! For more inspiration on this topic and everything to do with our services, call our scaffolding company today.

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