Temporary Roofs in Oxford | Scaffolding and the Changing Seasons

As one of the premier scaffolding companies in the region, we assist construction workers, sub-contractors and other busy professionals with their requirements. Our scaffolding contractors implement temporary roofs and scaffolds for both domestic and commercial use, working to strict health and safety regulations for client security. This process involves in-depth inspections on a weekly basis, with additional checks carried out following inclement weather conditions.

Adverse weather can impact working conditions in Oxford and the surrounding areas, especially during extreme temperatures at the height of summer or the winter season. Our scaffolding erectors understand the risks that come from these changing conditions and can advise on the most suitable steps forward.

Read on to discover how the seasons may impact those using scaffolding and temporary roofs. Should you then wish to arrange for a free, no-obligation quotation, please contact our scaffolding contractors at your first opportunity.


An increase in wet weather can bring with it new challenges. Heavy rainfall may create a more slippery surface, with high winds resulting in flying debris. Although spring is generally a good time for construction and maintenance in the Oxford area, it should always be made clear where shelter can be found if conditions begin to change.

Like all good scaffolding companies, we inspect temporary roofs and scaffolds upon completion, with subsequent inspections every week after that. In this fashion, our scaffolding contractors work to minimise risk so professionals can perform at peak efficiency.


Traditionally, summer is the ideal season in which to renovate a home or commercial property. Without the right precautions, however, it can also lead to sunburn, distraction due to hay fever and the dangers that come from overheating aerosol cans. To reduce these risks, take the time to place cans in a shaded area and arrive fully equipped with medication and sunscreen as necessary.

Scaffolding companies such as ours understand that summer can cause a variety of issues as the heat begins to rise. To prevent heatstroke, our scaffolding erectors advise tradespeople in the Oxford area to remain hydrated at all times – taking on workloads with enough water to stay alert throughout the day.


Autumn can be an unpredictable season due to increased rainfall and fluctuating temperatures. It also brings with it fallen leaves and other wet debris which may compromise a platform’s safety if left ignored. Should a storm occur, then scaffolding contractors such as ours should be called in to check for the signs of potential damage.

As a team of scaffolding erectors that work within the Oxford region, we specialise in the installation, inspection and maintenance of scaffolds and temporary roofs.


With more accidents taking place in winter than any other season, construction teams should take additional care when using a scaffold. Warm clothing is a must to prevent illnesses and frostbite, with thorough checks to prevent icy surfaces. Sunlight will be at a low throughout winter, making hazards tougher to see as projects continue into the late afternoon.

Not all scaffolding companies serving the Oxford region are the same. By speaking with our experienced scaffolding erectors, you receive a tailored service from only fully trained and highly accredited personnel.

In troublesome conditions, you can take the following steps to keeps risks at a minimum:

  • Ensure your staff have the proper training
  • Take the time to keep work platforms clear
  • Follow correct health and safety procedures
  • Store industry equipment in the proper areas
  • Stay hydrated in summer and warm in the winter
  • Contact our scaffolding contractors for inspection

For a free, no-obligation quotation or to discuss temporary roofs and scaffolding in the Oxford area, please call either 01189 811 418 or 07557 911 160.