Scaffolding Contractors in Newbury | From Temporary Roofs to Access Scaffolds: Keeping Our Services Safe

In our position as one of the most reputable scaffolding companies in Newbury and the surrounding areas, PTG Scaffolding takes every measure possible to ensure optimal safety on our sites. From the company as a whole to each of our individual scaffolding erectors, we work toward a central ethos: keep all parties and property safe from harm. While domestic and commercial building projects come with different requirements, we have the experience, qualifications and training to adapt to any situation, be it a simple access scaffold or installing temporary roofs. When it comes to reputable, safety-conscious scaffolding contractors in Newbury, PTG Scaffolding remains the trusted choice.

We have outlined below some of the ways that we maintain safety on the projects we undertake as scaffolding contractors.

  • Risk Assessment:
    As one of the first tasks we perform as scaffolding contractors for any kind of project, a risk assessment ensures that everything gets off to a smooth, efficient start. Carried out by site managers and one or more of our scaffolding erectors, risk assessments identify problems that potentially threaten the safety of individuals or the project as a whole. Scaffolding companies must perform risk assessments by law.
  • Training for Scaffolding Erectors
    Nothing beats comprehensive training for scaffolding erectors as the best approach to ensure continued site safety in the Newbury area. By installing and continually refreshing safety knowledge, the right behaviour becomes second nature. Like all reputable scaffolding companies, we conduct our training in line with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and Work at Height Regulations 2005. In addition, we also train in line with safety guidelines laid down in TG20:13, SG4:15 and TG9:18 for temporary roofs. With a team trained to this extent, and with the required PPE, we offer the ultimate peace of mind.
  • Safe Scaffolding Assembly
    As safety conscious scaffolding contractors, we provide our clients in Newbury with nothing less than lawful, entirely safe scaffolding structures and temporary roofs. The materials we use fully comply with every relevant British Standard for performance and design, including BS EN 12811-1. This ensures that our scaffolding erectors assemble and tie systems designed to withstand the stated workload of the project at hand as well as adverse weather conditions.
  • Scaffolding Inspections
    Inspections of already assembled scaffolds and temporary roofs remains an integral aspect of our continued dedication to safety. No matter the size of the project or its sector, as the scaffolding contractors of choice, we provide the same level of assessment. This element of our service involves checks immediately after erection by scaffolding erectors as well as follow-up checks every 7 days thereafter. In addition, we perform safety inspections following any extreme weather conditions. Scaffolding companies must perform these checks by law.

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